Logos 8.3 Beta 4

Released: February 20, 2019

New Features
  • Cloud Resources
    • Cloud Resources preview now provides a link to the resource on app.logos.com and app.verbum.com based upon the application family being used.
  • Notes Tool
    • The panel tab for the Notes Tool now uses the name of the open notebook.
    • Added the ability to print/export notes.
Bug Fixes
  • Cloud Resources
    • Fixed a bug that allowed the downloading of undesired resources after deleting the UpdateManager database.
  • My Library
    • Fixed a bug that caused the “Devices” facet to not be updated when the library is filtered. Thread
    • Fixed a bug that caused custom metadata to not be displayed for cloud resources. Thread
  • Notes Tool
    • Fixed a bug that prevented citations from pasted resource text from hyperlinking to the resource.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the “Default Notes Font” setting from respecting certain fonts in the note editor.
  • Notifications
    • The “Resources updated in the last 7 days” link now facets My Library on “Last Updated:Last 7 days; Devices:This device”.
    • Fixed a potential bug that could prevent the Notification Menu from being updated when a new resource is downloaded. Thread
  • Program Settings
    • The “Automatically Download New Resources” default now matches the setting of “Automatically Download Updates” setting for existing downloads. Users who are on the beta channel will need to reset this setting. Thread
  • Workflows
    • Fixed a crash when opening previously started workflows. Thread
    • Fixed a bug that prevented workflow auto-complete from working. Thread
Bug Fixes for Mac
  • UI
    • UI improvements for notifications in the Notification Bar.

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