Logos 8.3 Beta 3

Released: February 11, 2019

New Features
  • Notes Tool
    • Added the option to sort notes by Reference.
    • Added the option to sort by Resource when a Resource facet has been applied.
    • Added Previous/Next Annotations navigation buttons to resource panels.
  • Notifications
    • Added a link to release notes.
    • Added separate notifications for dataset and resource updates that can individually dismissed.
  • Workflow Editor
    • Added new workflow template kind for Bible Word: English (and other translations with reverse interlinears).
Bug Fixes
  • Notes Tool
    • Fixed a bug that allowed the application of the same notebook facet twice. Thread
    • Fixed a bug that caused the find facet text box to ignore the last character typed.
    • Fixed a bug that caused some anchors to be styled incorrectly.
  • Notifications
    • Fixed a bug that prevented an update notification from remaining restarting the application.
    • Improved performance when trying remove a large number of resources.

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