Logos 5.0 SR-2

Logos 5.0 SR-2 includes all the features of Logos 5.0 and 5.0 SR-1

New Features

  • Bible Facts
    • Added Lemmas section to Biblical People and Biblical Places
    • Added Referred To As section to Biblical Places and Biblical Things

Bug Fixes

  • Bible Facts
    • Fixed bug which caused crash when clicking on a map in a resource when that map was already open in the Biblical Facts panel.
  • Bible Word Study
    • Fixed bug which caused phrases in the Phrases section to be bold.

Known Issues

  • Bible Facts
    • With old People/Places/Things resources (version 2012-10-23), the Lemmas section will be empty for People and Places.
    • With new P/P/T resources (version 2012-10-31), the Lemmas section may contain lemmas with no references, and the Biblical People diagrams may display incorrectly.
    • We will be addressing both these problems with a new resource update.

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