Logos 5.0 SR-1

Logos 5.0 SR-1 includes all the features of Logos 5.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Bible Word Study
    • Fixed bug which caused sense data to appear in the Lemma section.
  • Guides
    • Fixed crash caused by refreshing any guide containing the Topics or Illustrations sections.
  • Notes
    • Fixed bug which prevented the correct note from receiving the focus when a Notes document was opened by clicking on a note indicator.
  • Search Panel
    • Fixed bug which caused crash when running a morph search against the Athenian Constitution (Greek).

Bug Fixes for Mac

  • Bible Facts
    • Fixed bug which caused clicking on “The Exodus from Egypt” event to open “The Life of Moses” infographic.
  • Passage Lists
    • Fixed various visual bugs in the user interface of the Memorize view.
  • Search Panel
    • Fixed bug which caused crash when adjusting the font scale slider in the Panel Menu after switching from Clause search to a different search type.
  • Setup
    • Fixed bug which caused EULA text to be truncated in 10.6 and 10.8.

Bug Fixes for Windows

  • Search Panel
    • Fixed bug which caused crash when changing the size of a window containing a Search panel.
  • Guides
    • Fixed bug which prevented content from adding to the clipboard when copying to WordPad from the Thematic Outlines section of a Sermon Starter Guide.
  • Word Find Puzzle
    • Fixed bug which caused crash when removing a word from the puzzle.

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