How to enter text in Greek and Hebrew

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Updated for Logos 10+

Option 1. Use transliteration

You can essentially type phonetically, or by using any accepted transliteration scheme, and you will be given a list of original language words to choose from e.g. type g:agape for Greek or h:elohim for Hebrew. You can also use a: for Aramaic.

See also: Greek Untransliteration

Option 2. Use Logos’ Greek and Hebrew Keyboards

In Tools > Program Settings you can elect to Show keyboard selector, which places a keyboard icon in the Search box and allows you to switch between keyboards.

Option 3a. Install a Greek and Hebrew keyboard in Windows

To change/install keyboards in Windows 10/11 go to Start > Settings > Time & language > Language & region. Otherwise try Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Keyboards and Languages -> Change Keyboards.

To change keyboards once they’re installed, the default Windows hotkey is Left Alt + Shift. There is also a button in the taskbar to switch between languages. This may have been turned off, but can be enabled by right-clicking on the taskbar and making the appropriate selections.

This method has the advantage that because it is at the OS level, you can enter greek and hebrew text in the same way into any program; and there are also keyboards available for numerous other languages.

Option 3b. Greek keyboard in MacOS


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