Hebrew and Greek Keyboards

You can activate the Keyboard Selector in Program Settings.

Select a Hebrew or Greek keyboard in the Search Tool or in the Bible Word Study Guide by clicking the keyboard icon in the word entry box. Once you’ve inputted the lemma or word you want to search for, press enter to search the surface text, or (for best results) select it from the dropdown list that appears.

In order to input search operators (e.g. AND, WITHIN), you must toggle back to the English keyboard.


Keep in mind that Hebrew runs right to left. When the Hebrew keyboard is active, backspace will remove the character to the right of the cursor.

The correct sequence for inputting Hebrew is: (1) letter, (2) vowel, (3) cantillation/punctuation mark. Search is sensitive to final letter forms (e.g. searches for ים and ימ will return different results.


Letter Name Keystroke
א aleph shift + .
ב bet b
ג gimel g
ד dalet d
ה he h
ו vav w
ז zayin z
ח khet x
ט tet v
י yod y
כ kaph k
ך kaph (final) shift + k
ל lamed l
מ mem m
ם mem (final) shift + m
נ nun n
ן nun (final) shift + n
ס samek s
ע ayin shift + ,
פ pe p
ף pe (final) shift + p
צ tsade c
ץ tsade (final) shift + c
ק qoph q
ר resh r
שׂ sin f
שׁ shin j
ת tav t


Diacritic Name Keystroke
בַ patakh a
בָ qamets shift + a
בֶ segol e
בֵ tsere shift + e
בִ hireq i
בֹ holem o
וֹ full holem w + o
בֻ qibbuts u
וּ shureq +
בְ shewa ;
בּ dagesh +


Note: The correct sequence for entering Greek is (1) letter, (2) breathing mark, (3) accent. For example, to produce ἇ, type α, then ῾, then ῀.

Search is sensitive to final letter forms. For example, you must enter δουλος, not δουλοσ.

Alphabet (lowercase)

Letter Name Keystroke
α alpha a
β beta b
γ gamma g
δ delta d
ε epsilon e
ζ zeta z
η eta h
θ theta q
ι iota i
κ kappa k
λ lambda l
μ mu m
ν nu n
ξ xi x
ο omicron o
π pi p
ρ rho r
σ sigma s
ς sigma (final) v
τ tau t
υ upsilon u
φ phi f
χ chi c
ψ psi y
ω omega w

Alphabet (uppercase)

Letter Name Keystroke
Α alpha shift + a
Β beta shift + b
Γ gamma shift + g
Δ delta shift + d
Ε epsilon shift + e
Ζ zeta shift + z
Η eta shift + h
Θ theta shift + q
Ι iota shift + i
Κ kappa shift + k
Λ lambda shift + l
Μ mu shift + m
Ν nu shift + n
Ξ xi shift + x
Ο omicron shift + o
Π pi shift + p
Ρ rho shift + r
Σ sigma shift + s
Τ tau shift + t
Υ upsilon shift + u
Φ phi shift + f
Χ chi shift + c
Ψ psi shift + y
Ω omega shift + w


Breathing Name Keystroke
rough [
smooth ]


Accent Name Keystroke
ά acute /
grave \
circumflex =


Diacritic Name Keystroke
coronis ]
subscript j
ϊ diaresis `

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