Discovering how a Hebrew lemma is translated in the Septuagint

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This only works in the Logos LXX and LXX Swete that have reverse interlinear tagging, which pairs each Greek word with its Hebrew counterpart.

So if you right click on a Greek word in the Logos LXX or LXX Swete it will give you the option to search with the Hebrew lemma or the Greek lemma. If you choose the Hebrew lemma and then select Search: > Inline or Bible it will search the LXX for that lemma. Then you can choose Analysis and break down the results even further. By dragging up the column header titled Lemma (Greek) it will show all of the Greek lemmas that translated that Hebrew lemma.

Alternatively Use a Bible Word Study. The Translation section will show all the Greek lemmas with LXX Swete or Logos LXX.

Of course, it also works for a Greek lemma to find the Hebrew words that are translated by it.

Note: This basic ‘reverse’ approach also works with any English translation with a reverse interlinear. You can simply search the entire resource [Old and New Testaments] for a given English word and then note the Hebrew and Greek lemmas used to translate that word.

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