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    is a new online only feature for Logos 10+ and Verbum 10+

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Logos 10 Online Only Features
Logos 9 Online Only Features
Logos 8 Online Only Features
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Logos 6 Online Only Features
  • Atlas, Faithlife Media, & Faithlife Sermons

Bible Browser

Courses Tool

  • Online needed to download/update templates


  • Atlas section
  • Bookstore section
  • Faithlife Music section
  • Faithlife Sermons section
  • section
  • Media Collections section
  • section
  • section
  • Web Resources section

Help search for [Net]

  • Logos and Verbum Help resource can be searched when offline for [Net] to find features that require internet access

Home Page

  • Some content is only available when working online

Lemma in Passage

  • Media Collections: Media from the Logos Media Archive
  • Online Results: Links to media from the internet, not curated by Faithlife
  • Atlas Results: Relevant maps from the Atlas tool

Morph Query

Reading Plan

  • Sharing a reading plan requires internet

Sermon Builder / Homily Builder

  • Online only for sermon/homily presentation (Faithlife Proclaim), public access to sermon (Soundfaith), and informs a group of the sermon’s existence (Faithlife Groups).

Sermon Import

  • Online only for upload

Social Media sharing

  • Context Menu has social media sharing with Faithlife, Facebook, Twitter, email

Sync to/from Faithlife Cloud of servers

  • Documents
  • Resource reading position
  • Tags: community plus personal

Textual Variants section in Exegetical Guide

  • The “Online Manuscripts” section of Textual Variants in Exegetical Guide provides links to manuscript images from the Institute for New Testament Textual Research

Wikipedia – Context Menu option

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