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What is a dictionary?

A dictionary is normally understood to contain definitions for words in our own language e.g. Concise Oxford English Dictionary, but our bible study also demands we have dictionaries for original languages and “bible dictionaries” for articles about bible words or bible topics. Logos distinguishes these by Type in Library, so these would be type:dictionary, type:lexicon and type:encyclopedia, respectively. We can use the Personal Book feature to build dictionaries of each type but this wiki illustrates the process with a “bible dictionary”.

Creating Entries without a TOC

  1. Put the Headword tag on separate lines.
    1. Note: after you build the PB the tag line will be invisible.
  2. Repeat the dictionary word (headword) on the next line and set it to Bold.

  3. Logos recognizes the Headword.
    1. If you click the next entry, Logos will also recognize this Headword and display it in the Reference box.
  4. But there is no Table of Contents entry for the words.

Creating Entries with a TOC

Logos requires Table of Contents entries to be on a separate line and have its style set to a Heading style. This means that the dictionary word has to be placed above the definition but it also means we cannot replicate the format of Logos’ dictionaries.

  1. Put the dictionary word on the same line as the Headword tag, making sure that the whole line is given a Heading style.

  2. Notice that the Headword is working.
  3. A Table of Contents has now been created.

Getting Logos to recognize the Dictionary

  1. Set this Personal Book as type Encyclopedia and it will be listed with other “bible dictionaries”.
  2. Optionally set the subject field to help restrict bible dictionaries in your collections.

  3. This is a possible rule for a collection of bible dictionaries.
    1. Notice that Logos included this example Personal Book.
  4. Check Show in parallel resources so that Logos can show the PB in Parallel Resources along with other bible dictionaries.

  5. If you open another bible dictionary and select a word which matches a Headword in this PB ...
  6. then click on the Parallel Resources icon, the example PB will appear in the list.

Prioritizing the PB with other Dictionaries

  1. Put the PB amongst your top 5 bible dictionaries in Library.

  2. Now right-click on a word in another bible dictionary.
  3. Click Headword on the shaded side of the Context menu
    the PB should be listed on the other side if it has the same headword.

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