Bug: Crash on Start up

Summary of bug goes here. Ken – If your Logos 4 software is at 4.0c Beta 4, it needs to be updated to the latest shipping version, which is 4.0d. Updating may resolve the crash. You’ll find information about 4.0d here: http://community.logos.com/forums/t/19012.aspx. Since you’re on the beta channel, to get the update, you’ll have to change the update channel to ‘default’ by entering the command ‘set update channel to default’. If the program continues to crash, please enable logging and post logs on the Logos 4 forum, or contact customer support at 800-875-6467. - Thanks, Melissa.

Software version: 4.0c Beta 4.
Reported by Ken Schlenker.
Forum link: http://community.logos.com/forums/
Status: invalid

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