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This wiki page will show you how to add Styles in Microsoft Word to your source document to add a Table of Contents (TOC) to your Personal Book (PB).

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Word Styles

You should already have the following styles in Word’s style list.

  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2
  • Heading 3
  • and so forth

Styles in Word 2003

You can view Styles in Word 2003 by clicking in the menu on Format and in the drop down click on Styles and Formatting.


Then you will see the Styles pane appear in Word


Styles in Word 2007/2010

You can view a pane of styles in Word 2010 if you select the Home tab and then click on the corner of the Styles panel

Then you will see the Styles pane appear in Word


Using the Styles

In your Logos books you should have noticed in some Table of Contents that some entries are indented under other entries. These indented entries are basically articles which are under the non-indented TOC entries.

So you will need to select lines in your document that you want to show in the PB’s Table of Contents and then click on a Heading style to apply it. After you tag the lines in your Word document and build your PB, the TOC entries will appear. Below is a screen shot of a document sitting on top of a PB.


Notice how lines marked with style Heading 1 are not indented in your PB’s TOC.
And those which are marked with styles of Heading 2 & Heading 3 are indented under Heading 1.

Adding a linked Table of Contents

If there is a Table of Contents at the beginning of your document e.g. from a public domain work, or if you want to create one of your own, here’s how to link it so that you can jump from the TOC entry within the text to the chapter in the book:

  • Insert a bookmark at the beginning of each chapter using the Insert Bookmark command. For convenience, just name them after the chapter numbers, e.g., ch01, ch02, etc.; fill in zeros as necessary to match the number of digits used by the last chapter number so that the bookmarks’ alphabetical sort order will also be numerically correct for the next step.
  • Then go to your Table of Contents and highlight each line in turn (see 1 in diagram below), choose Insert Hyperlink (Ctrl+k), select “Place in This Document” (see 2), then select the appropriate bookmark from the list (see 3), and click OK. After you’ve done the first one, the “Place in This Document” tab will already be selected so you won’t have to do that part again.

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