iOS Reader 9.2.0 (60)


  • Add support for “Save to Passage List” from Factbook.
  • Add top Factbook results in the Omnibox.
  • Added Systematic Theologies and Recommended Reading Sections to Factbook.


  • Enter select/edit mode when long-pressing a list in Library, Notes, and Passage Lists.
  • In addition to location, include your Proclaim Groups when looking for presentations to follow.


  • Fixed several highlight styles that didn’t work in dark mode, such as box, double box, double underline, etc. Also improved the vibrancy of some resource and highlight colors in dark mode.
  • Fixed issue with underline text in notes not being visible in notes in dark mode.
  • Tapping in the reading plan complete screen will now show/hide the tab controls.
  • Don’t show store results when selecting a resource to search from the search tool.
  • Fixed an issue navigating to “Today” in devotional resources.
  • Fixed passage list previews for whole chapter references (i.e. Romans 8).
Fixes included from the 9.1 Stable Release
  • Add ability to copy text from popups.
  • Fixed an issue with the note anchor selector when in split screen.
  • When offline, some resource covers wouldn’t load.
  • Fixed an issue on 12.9” iPads that caused the split view layout to change when scrolling resource text.

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