iOS Reader 9.1.1 (11)

This was a hotfix release for 9.1.0 to fix a regression in opening split tabs within the app.


  • Add support for adding and removing passages to a passage lists.
  • View a passage list in a different translation.
  • Append reference scanner results to an existing passage list document.
  • Control slides in Proclaim presentations within preaching mode.


  • Apply user font scaling to passage list and reference scanner verses.
  • Add Preaching Mode for sermons in the More menu.
  • Add ability to copy text from popups.


  • Fixed an issue with the note anchor selector when in split screen.
  • When offline, some resource covers wouldn’t load.
  • Fixed an issue on 12.9” iPads that caused the split view layout to change when scrolling resource text.
  • Other various fixes.

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