iOS Reader 8.7.0 (64)


  • Added a new view setting option to follow the system appearance (iOS 13 only).


  • Search Helps: An empty Search tab now prompts you with some ideas on how to find what you’re looking for.
  • Easier search type and range selection.
  • Retain the settings of a search instance across application restarts.


  • Fixed an issue where entering a search term on the home page opened a search tab but didn’t invoke the search.
  • Fixed the Bible + Study Bible card on the homepage to account for the new Study Bible resource type.
  • Fixed the localization of some library facet resource types.
  • Fixed an issue where search results opened the default bible instead of the specified resource of the search result (server-side fix).
  • Fixed an issue where study bible results weren’t included in passage guide results (server-side fix).
  • Fixed an issue with selecting multiple items from the library.

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