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We’re excited to announce two major improvements with this release: an improved Library experience and Fuzzy Bible Search.

As part of our recent focus on Library (did you see Faceted Browsing which we launched recently?) we’re shipping bulk-actions, which let you take actions (like downloading or removing from the device) on as many books as you want.

We’ve made UI improvements throughout the Library. Let us know what you think!

Next up: Fuzzy Bible Search.

Fuzzy Bible Search results make it easier to find that verse that you just can’t quite remember.

Can’t remember where to find a verse or even exactly how it goes?
No problem. Fuzzy Search draws from dozens of translations and Logos’ extensive data tagging to give you the best match. Fuzzy Results appear in a segment next to normal search results.


  • Use resource font in reference popups
  • Make Search results font larger
  • Move Reference Scanner button to the right of the screen on iPad devices


  • Minor low light fixes
  • Verse of the Day widget now respects the device language

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