iOS Reader 8.11.0 (31)


  • Changed the minimum supported iOS version to 12.4.


  • Clippings now use the user specified resource font and size.
  • Removed the limit on the number of resources that can be downloaded from the library at one time.
  • Handle Atlas links from resources, such as the Lexham Geographic Commentaries.
  • Improved pasting bible text into notes. Specifically, translation note and cross-reference superscripts will no longer be included when pasting.
  • Improved resource link handling to account for additional reference types (such as links to the Babylonian Talmud).
  • Improved library search results by also including matches by resource type.


  • Fixed a crash when trying to add a homepage section from the dashboard configuration on iPad.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented anchors from being added to notes when initially assigned to the default notebook.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to remove a resource from the resource info popup on iPad devices.
  • Fixed an issue on newer iPad Pro devices that would cause the resource text to shift up/down slightly when the screen controls were hidden/shown.
  • Fixed a crash affecting some lectionary homepage cards.
  • Fixed a library search behavior that prevented a search for “type:commentary”.

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