iOS Reader 4.6.0

Newly discovered issues

  • Sharing text selections to Facebook does not work with the latest Facebook app; sharing images still works
  • The app crashes on 32-bit iOS devices (older iPad’s and iPhones) when attempting to open large resources
  • The Vyrso app crashes when sort the Library by title (older devices running iOS 7.x)


  • Lots of new code under the hood, but nothing should behave differently, except for what’s included in these release notes.
  • Faithlife Today video in the home page (for Bible! and Faithlife Study Bible)


  • New Sharing UI
  • In the Library, in Vyrso, new installs will show downloaded books and in-the-cloud Vyrso/trade books. For existing installs, all user-owned resources will be shown in the Library.


  • Fixed crash when stopping the download of multiple books (the ‘Cancel Download All’ button)
  • Fixed an issue causing some reading plans not to show for some users.
  • Fixed occasional crash when closing a resource display
  • Fixed a crash related to low memory conditions and the freeing of memory
  • Fixed Word Lookup crash. For Reals. Yes, really.
  • Fixed crash when displaying a reading plan document for which a resource is used but the customer doesn’t own.
  • Fixed pixelated display of the home page (everything below the Faithlife Today section)
  • Fixed the Home badge when there are out-of-date resources.
  • Stop animating the Favorites icon (it was only causing animation bugs)
  • Fixed sharing content when sharing without any selected text.
  • Fixed occasional crash when changing the sort order of the Library.
  • Fixed an audio playback issue where audio would start playing after an internet interruption even if the audio wasn’t playing before the interruption

Known Issues

  • In the FSB app, sometimes the resource indicator gets out of sync with the top and bottom panes, especially when going backward or forward through navigation history.
  • Biblia doesn’t use the Spanish language when installed on iOS 8.x devices set to use English


  • Installs on iOS 7 or iOS 8.

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