iOS Reader 30.0.0 (50)


  • Added a new Parallel Books button, next to the reference box, that allows you to quickly change between Bible translations, Study Bibles, Bible Commentaries, and more.
  • Replaced the Search button with a Bible button on the main toolbar, and added a search button in book title bars.


  • Removed the Notebook for Highlight setting when not signed in.
  • Display help text in the reference scanner if permissions to access the camera are denied.
  • The Add to Favorites button was removed from the kebab menu when there is nothing to favorite.


  • Removed the Community Notes Visual Filter and menu item.


  • Changes to interlinear lines are now immediately visible.
  • In paging mode, selecting text across columns from a book will not truncate the pop-up menu.
  • The application will no longer crash when downloading all books.
  • The linkset setting in a reading plan will properly display.
  • Abbreviated titles will correctly display in the Notes tool, Clippings, and when copying and pasting text.
  • The Bible button in the workspace editor will only open the preferred Bible picker if a preferred Bible hasn’t been set, otherwise it will just open the preferred Bible.
  • Certain free-to-use books are now fully accessible.

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