iOS Reader 24.0.0 (51)


  • We’ve extended support for Factbook cards with additional card types and Factbook tags.
  • Added a “Close all tabs”/”Close layout” button


  • Improved the ability to select words, sentences, and verses in VoiceOver. You can now select individual lines of text with VoiceOver.
  • Improved the layout of the link set menu in non-English languages
  • Improved the performance of library facets
  • Improved handling of location permissions when following presentations


  • Fixed an issue where invoking a Bible Word Study from a Word Info card opened the wrong lemma
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent starting a reading plan from within a resource
  • Fixed an issue where the reference box was not being updated correctly
  • Fixed an issue when minimizing or switching apps caused changes in the location within a book
  • Fixed a Chinese localization issue affecting Factbook, Search, and other tools
  • Fixed a crash related to Print Library books
  • Fixed an issue that prevented recorded audio from being played

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