iOS Reader 22.0.0 (63)


  • Ability to export your sermon to Proclaim on iPad
  • The version numbering scheme has changed. This app version is now called version 22.


  • Voiceover now works when using the text selection menu
  • Text comparison will no longer highlight differences when the languages are different
  • Improved the performance of reference detection in the notes tool


  • Fixed an issue following multi-volume commentary series
  • Fixed an issue auto-translating into Portuguese
  • Fixed an issue where the verse picker didn’t respect the preview resource in a passage list.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented offline lexicon lookup in word info
  • Fixed an issue where opening an information graphic in a resource like the Faithlife Study Bible might not open the correct graphic
  • Fixed an issue when opening a resource like the Faithlife Study Bible Infographics resource that would hang the application for several seconds
  • Improved selecting words when immediately above or below a verse reference
  • Fixed an iPad issue where subsequent double-tapping of words would sometimes not properly open word info cards
  • Improve translation of glosses in Canvas (iPad only)
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented opening media/images

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