iOS Reader 10.1.0 (102)

How to Use the Newest Logos Updates by Mark Barnes


  • Auto Translation Cards: You can now automatically translate any of your books. Simply tap to select a verse or sentence and you will see a translation in your desired language. Translated language can be changed in the app’s settings.
  • Dictionary Cards: Double-tap to select a word and you will see the dictionary definition of that word in the Dictionary Card in the Selection Menu.
  • Print Library Book Search: You can now view a preview of any of your Print Library books by running an “All” or “Books” search in the Search tool.
  • Ability to export a Canvas image
  • Draw on Screen for iPhone: This can be accessed in the More menu.


  • The Notes button was moved to the Tools section in the More menu
  • The Key Article cover image and book title are now visible in the Factbook and Word Info popup when you click “More”
  • The icons on the main navigation bar have been rearranged to match the Desktop app on iPad
  • Searching within specific document types (e.g., Clippings) will no longer include the document kind when searching for matches.
  • The “Back” button has been changed to “Done” in the Word Info and Factbook modals.
  • Factbook search in selection menu now runs a search for “Top Bibles” instead of “All”
  • The Favorites button was added to the second row of the selection menu for Non-Bibles.
  • ISBN Scanner UI improvements.


  • Fixed an issue where hyperlinks were not working when offline.
  • Fixed an issue where the Word Info card wasn’t showing in some books.
  • Fixed an issue where some highlights were causing text to be illegible in dark mode.
  • Note icon now for a Draw on Screen image is now visible in the Reading View.
  • Fixed an issue where the verse picker in Passage Lists wasn’t detecting the correct book.
  • Fixed an issue where swipe-to-highlight was not showing the preview of a natural highlighter.
  • Fixed an issue where Canvas hyperlinks weren’t directing to the correct location of the resource.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lectionary card wasn’t getting added to the Home Page.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Use icon color” highlight style wasn’t showing the selection menu or resource.
  • Fixed indented numbered list elements in notes.
  • Fixed selection menu when text selection spans columns.
  • Fixed a crash when updating from a version prior to 9.
  • Fixed an issue using swipe-to-highlight when using natural highlighters.
  • Fixed an issue with lectionary cards not being added to the home page.
  • Fixed an issue when using the “Use icon color” highlight style and adding highlights.
  • Initiating a search from a Factbook card searches Top Bibles.
  • Fixed a styling issue with disabled buttons in selection cards.
  • Fixed “Save as Passage List” in Logos 10 search.
  • Fixed an issue where the “More” button didn’t gray-out completely when clicked.
  • Fixed the Factbook Search query format from the Text Selection Menu.

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