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Add requests that you’d like to see implemented to any of the Logos Websites here.

  1. Urgently need a book searchsimilar to the advance book search in Amazon. It also needs to locate books that are part of a collection and return the collection in the results. It is hard to buy books you can not find.
  2. Eventually have a part of the website that has similar features to the iphone app.
  3. Have a wishlist similar to Amazon so I can store the “books” I would like to purchase (or have purchased for me by those I might send said wishlist to) that is linked to my account.
  4. Or make it easier for folks to give “gift cards”...I keep getting them for hard books & want more digital ones instead
  5. Since you know every non-PBB book I have, please flag duplicates between offered resources/collections and my library...and better yet, discount my purchase since unlike a hard library, there is no value in buying a digital edition twice.
  6. How about a web-based version of Logos.
  7. I do not see a link on the wiki pages to take one back to

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