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The Home Page – An Overview


1. The Home, Library and Search Buttons (see Buttons and Menus)

2. The File, Guides, and Tools Menus (see Buttons and Menus)

3. The Command Box or Command Bar (Alt+D): Here you can enter commands for access to program settings; resources; documents (see Logos Commands).

4. The Shortcut Bar: Commands, Resources, Program or File Shortcuts can all be dragged to the Shortcut Bar.

5. The Sync Indicator
     (these will not be displayed if your computer is not connected to the internet
     or if you have set the Program to not use the internet).

6. The Layouts Menu (see Buttons and Menus)

7. The Help Menu (see Buttons and Menus)

8. The Ribbon (see below)

9. The Go Bar (see below)

10. Home Page Content (see below)

11. The Customize Menu (see below)

12. Previous/Next Buttons for Homepage Content (PgUp/PgDn).


The Home Page – Ribbon


The Ribbon includes two primary elements: the Go Bar and quick access to some program features

The Go Bar



If you enter a passage in the Go Bar, it will activate the Passage Guide, the Exegetical Guide, open your top 5 bibles, open your preferred commentary, the information tool and the text comparison tool.

Currently, topic searching is not enabled.


Ribbon Items



1. Preferred Bible Selector

2. Prioritized Lectionary

3. Reading Plans

4. Recently Modified Reading Lists

The order of these items can be modified in the Customize Menu. These items may also be removed in the Customize Menu (see below).


Home Page Content



1. Recent articles from the Logos Blog

To read more of an item, to read others’ comments, or to comment yourself, click the link.
The Blog article will open in your default browser.

2. A random Scripture Passage

This is indicated by the bible icon:

3. Material drawn from your top 5 (prioritized) Daily Devotionals.

They are indicated by the date icon:

4. Book of the Day

This is indicated by the sparkly book logo:

5. Random Images drawn from your library.

6. The Customize Menu (see below)

7. Previous/Next Buttons for Homepage Content (PgUp/PgDn).


The Customize Menu


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