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Updated for Logos 10

Home Page


  1. Home Page menu - no. of columns + Refresh (F5)
  2. The Dashboard - see below
  3. The Dashboard Customize menu
  4. The Explore area – see below
  5. The Explore Customize menu
  6. The Scroll Bar (on RHS – not shown)


Dashboard consists of a number of Cards, which are populated by active Reading Plans, Courses, Workflows and Quickstart study layouts. A card can be dragged to a new location, and can be removed by selecting from its menu. The Customize menu below will allow them to be resored, as well as selecting additional items.


This area features a number of frames displaying Faithlife product areas like
Pre-Pubs, Logos Training Videos, and Feature Suggestions together with Blogs, Resource Excerpts and Verse of the Day.
A fixed menu allows content to be selected.

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