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(Note: when editing the source of this page, ignore the tags that have tildes (~) embedded in them. Those are needed to make the wiki show the tags on the page instead of the actual image. )


The default way of referencing a previously-uploaded image on the page is to use the following format:

{{$@img-fluid amber:13074925:58405811}}

In this case, the image name is “toowide.png”, and it looks like this:



If an image is too large to be easily seen, like above, then maxwidth and/or maxheight can be used to limit how big it gets. Here are some examples:

{{$@img-fluid amber:13074925:58405811}}
{{$@img-fluid amber:13074925:58405811}}

And here is how it appears with those parameters:


If you want to resize AND link directly to the original version (without having to click through the media info page), then use this format:

[[ {{$ }} >> ]]

The full URLs are required in this case (and the “media” tag has to be avoided).

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