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Send to Kindle Retirement

Due to a combination of technical, legal, and permission issues outside our control, “Send to Kindle” feature retired effective Mon 18 Apr 2016
We (Faithlife Corporation) apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.

Forum thread => Video Tutorial: How to Send to Kindle after the “Send to Kindle” service is switched off

Announcement discussion => Retiring the Send-to-Kindle Feature on 3/31 included more apologies plus retirement extension until Mon 18 Apr 2016

Send to Kindle was a new feature for Logos 6 and Verbum 6 that worked until retirement with 6.11 stable release. No longer can send resource(s) from Faithlife Corporation servers to Amazon’s network for delivery to your Kindle.

Resource(s) sent to your Kindle prior to retirement are still readable.

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