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These commands can be combined by separating with a comma, for example [match vowels, accents] will be sensitive to vowels and accents.

All languages will support:

[match marks] — makes all non-spacing marks significant. Equivalent to Logos 3 “marks()”.
[match nomarks] — ignores all non-spacing marks, regardless of language defaults.
[match exact] — equivalent to the Logos 3 “exact()” term modifier.
[match all] — a synonym for “exact”

Some languages will support:

[match case] — matches sensitive to capital/lowercase letters
[match nostem] — prevents stemming but allows capital/lowercase letters


By default, Hebrew is not sensitive to any marks in the query, except for sin and shin dots, which are like the slash in Swedish o-slash: they are different letters.
(Can be overridden with [match nomarks]). Additionally, maqqef and space are treated as equivalent.
[match vowels]
[match dagesh]
[match accents]
[match massora]
[match rafe]
[match critical]
[match pointed]
[match cantillated]
[match holem-haser]


By default, Greek searches are not sensitive to any marks in the query.
[match iota-subscript]
[match dieresis]
[match breathing]
[match accents]
[match technical-marks]
[match unaccented]
[match polytonic]


By default, Syriac is not sensitive to any marks.
[match vowels]
[match silent]
[match begadkephat]
[match grammar]
[match barrekh]
[match music]
[match accents]
[match dialect]
[match abbrev]

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