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Often times during a Bible study I will have multiple resources and tools open. Then when I am done I wish to save all those resources and tools the way it is currently setup. So I decided to save them in Favorites. But since there are multiple resources and tools set to specific locations, I have to save multiple Favorite entries. But opening it later requires opening each of these, one at a time. Even then they will not open into a floating window as I had them.

Then duh, I should have saved them by using Layout. Saving them this way makes it easy to copy the layout to my Favorites, which helps me find it again later. And when it is opened, it will put these resources into a floating window as I had them.

Favorites is a good place to save these studies as I can organize the folders in a way in which I can easily find things.

Steps in saving the study in Favorites

  • My study in Rom 4:16 shown below before saving. (window size reduced for illustrating here)

    (click above image to view larger view)

    1. On your main Logos window, click on Layouts
    2. Click under the top snapshot and rename it e.g. I renamed to Rom 4:16 Study

      (click above image to view larger view)

    3. Click on Layouts again
    4. On the left side find your newly named layout:
      a) Click and drag the newly named layout
      b) And drop it in an open area under your list of favorites.

      (click above image to view larger view)

    5. In your Favorites, drag your new favorite into a folder where you want it.

    6. Now you will see your new Study layout favorite in a Favorites window.

  • Now you can close or reuse your resources for a new study.
  • And later restore your Study simply by finding your favorite and clicking on it.

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