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This page is a repository for important posts by Faithlife employees on the Logos forums. It is a place to keep track of important information about the policies, practices, and attitudes of Faithlife as a company and the features they intend to release in the future.

Please keep in mind that a forum post by a Faithlife employee represents a point in time with a situation that may have changed. Be sure to note the date stamp of a post and the context of the thread in which it was written. Please feel free to delete any entries from this page promising features that have since been released unless that statement of intent includes information that may be of lasting value to Logos Bible Software users.

The intent of this page is to help make users aware of important and/or interesting information. If you want to respond to any of this information on the forum, please read the entire context of the thread and if it is an old thread consider checking for updated information and then starting a new thread.

The majority of posts on this page come from Faithlife CEO, Bob Pritchett. Thanks to him for taking so much time to communicate the disposition of his company.

Note that ‘Faithlife’ is now the Company name whilst ‘Logos’ remains as a product name. The use of ‘Logos’ below will often reflect the former Company name.

Company Attitudes and Policy


Logos EULA—Single user (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Including your Logos Library in your will (Daniel Foster , Logos Talk Blog Post)

Company information

Growth and Book release pace (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Growth stats (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Production costs (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Why the company doesn’t give to charitable causes? (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Strength of the company (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Strength of the company 2 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Focus as a company (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Why a Christian symbol is used in the logo (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Library Science (Dan Pritchett, VP Marketing)
What kind of books does Faithlife publish? (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Faithlife is a business, not a ministry (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Faithlife is a business, not a ministry 2 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)

Marketing Information

Logos as High-End software (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Logos’ pricing 1 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Logos’ pricing 2 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Logos’ pricing 3 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Logos’ pricing 4 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Logos’ pricing 5 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Offering a cheaper entry package (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
The community pricing chart (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Logos removing products from resellers (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Logos removing products from resellers 2 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
License transfers & Generation to Generation(Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Reselling resources (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Base package upgrade paths (Phil Gons)
Targeted marketing of special sales (Dan Pritchett, VP Marketing)


Why Books can take so long to produce (Kent Hendricks, Product Team Lead)
No official position on exporting books to Kindle (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Goals of Bible Study Mag (Bob Pritchett, CEO)

Resources and Software Features


Topic searching (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Differences in topic searching between Logos and Libronix (Sean Boisen, Senior Information Architect)
Additional comments on topic searching (Sean Boisen, Senior Information Architect)
Logos’ Preferred Dictionaries for use in topic searching-1 (Sean Boisen, Senior Information Architect)
Logos’ Preferred Dictionaries for use in topic searching-2 (Sean Boisen, Senior Information Architect)
Heading-specific searching (Sean Boisen, Senior Information Architect)
Ranked Search (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Lack of INFER searching (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Searching and word Order in Reverse Interlinears (Rick Brannan, Info Architect)
Is Logos search theologically Biased? (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Lemma searching (Vincent Setterholm)
Why SESB sytax search doesn’t work in L4 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Enhancing searching (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Improving Phrase searching 1, 2 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Highlighting words on Bibles on the right, to be fixed (Bob Pritchett, CEO)

Databases (Syntax, Morphology etc.)

Logos Greek Morphology revised before release of L4 (Rick Brannan, Info Architect)
Hebrew KeyLinking and moving from database to lexicon (Vince Setterholm)
Syntax database differences (Rick Brannan, Info Architect)
One reason behind offering multiple syntax databases (Rick Brannan, Info Architect)
Source of the Louw-Nida domain tagging (Rick Brannan, Info Architect)
Why aren’t Strong’s numbers used more in Logos? (Bob Pritchett, CEO)

Bibles and Reverse Interlinears

Lexham English Bible (LEB) goals (Rick Brannan, Info Architect)
Draft LEB Front-matter (Rick Brannan, Info Architect)
What Greek & Hebrew texts are used for the Reverse Interlinears? (Rick Brannan, Info Architect)
How does Logos choose which versions to produce a Reverse Interlinear? (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Alignment of Reverse Interlinears (Rick Brannan, Info Architect)
Reverse Interlinears only available in base packages (Rick Brannan, Info Architect)
Original language sources for Reverse Interlinears (Rick Brannan, Info Architect)
The TR behind the KJV (Rick Brannan, Info Architect)
Logos’ KJV choice 1 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Logos’ KJV choice 2 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Logos’ KJV choice 3 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
How does Logos prioritize what foreign language editions to produce? (Bob Pritchett, CEO)

Miscellaneous Resources

Logos’ response to requests to change metadata 1, 2 (Louis St. Hilaire)
2 types of || resource books (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Copyright on Logos produced images, maps, and infographics (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Why reading the Apostolic Fathers in Greek is important (Rick Brannan, Info Architect)
Seminary Library.com (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Yes! Logos listens to your resource suggestions. Best way to send them in... (Bill Nienhuis, Director, Publisher Relations)
Resource maintenance / missing links... (Bob Pritchet, CEO – on behalf of text development team)
Line-by-line layout of Aland’s Synopsis of the Four Gospels (Bradley Grainger, Developer)


Optimizations in 4.0c (Bradley Grainger, Developer)
What the update channel means 1, 2, 3, 4 (Bradley Grainger, Developer)
Informing users what is downloading (Bob Pritchett, CEO), Workaround

Coming L4 features

Sharing highlighting like the Kindle (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
New architecture for Handouts (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Hebrew read-aloud (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
APIs to mobile web (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Logos APIs (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Profile Aliases on Forum (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Speeding up the text-edit box (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Improving handouts (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
More books on the iPhone App 1 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
More books on the iPhone App 2 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Sharing user files (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Graphical Query (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Timeline compiler (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Thinking about PBB’s (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Exporting notes (Bob Pritchett, CEO)

Logos for Mac

Prospects for COM API on Mac? (David Mitchell, Mac Dev)
Why no Program Scaling in Mac when it’s in Windows? (Tom Philpot, developer)
Why not 100% native? 1 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Why not 100% native? 2 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Why not 100% native? 3 (David Mitchell, (Mac dev)
Getting the Mac version up to speed 1 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Getting the Mac version up to speed 2 (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Optimistic guess on Mac completion date (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Why Logos 4 Mac was released in an Alpha form (Bob Pritchett, CEO)
Mac update ? (Pre Logos 4 release) (Bob Pritchett, CEO)

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