Logos 8.14

Released: June 09, 2020

Bug Fixes
  • Favorites
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the keyboard shortcut to “Add a Favorite” from adding it to a selected folder.
  • Morph Search
    • Fixed a bug that selected the wrong items when editing Morph Searches. Thread
  • Search
  • Visual Filters
    • Removed “Addressee” and “Speaker” labels from non-Bibles.
Bug Fixes for Mac
  • Application Shutdown
    • Fixed a shutdown crash caused by metadata being updated.
  • Shortcuts
    • Fixed a bug that caused CMD+Z to remove text from both documents when two Sermon Documents or Notes are open at the same time. Thread
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Syntax Search
    • Fixed a crash when adding an item to a syntax search. Thread, Thread

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