Logos 6.14

Logos 6.14 ( was released on August 22, 2016

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  • Changed priority of Interactive listing displayed in Tools Menu.


  • Floating Windows now open to a larger window.
  • Improved floating window panel size for user initiated floating windows. (Thread)

Bug Fixes

Bible Sense Lexicon

  • Fixed bug that caused words in Bible Sense Lexicon to overlap.


  • Fixed bug so now videos now open up in web browser instead of Visual Copy.


  • Default Font should now display 𝔓 properly. Thread


  • Fixed crash when opening a Lectionary layout on a day with no Bible Reading.
  • Floating Windows now open to a larger window.
  • Fixed problem with newly installed Bibles being ignored when opening layouts from the homepage.

My Library

  • Grouping indicator for Community Tags now displays.
  • Fixed bug that wouldn’t allow the searching of fields in user documents.
  • Fix query parser bug that prevented “OR” being used in conjunction with a proximity operator (BEFORE, NEAR, etc.) and required the comma operator to be used instead. (Thread)
  • Fixed Bible Search on Mac and also affected Morph Search that occurs when entering a long list of passages in the Reference Range box.


  • SoundFaith now appears in Passage Guide and Sermon Starter Guides based upon a passage.

Text Comparison

  • Fixed crash when opening text comparison with a very large number of resources.
  • Fixed crash when closing Text Comparison tool.
  • Verse numbers of the Quran are no longer treated as part of the text so they will no longer duplicate.

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