Logos 7.0

Logos 7.0 was released on August 22nd, 2016.

New Features

Sermon Editor

What is it? A new “Sermon” document type that can be created and opened from the Documents menu.
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Course Tool

What is it? The Courses Tool is designed to be a planning tool for structuring your study of certain books or topics. Like reading plans, learning plans help you systematically work through content. Select from one of our pre-built learning plans an area you’d like to learn more about and the pace you’d like to go through the content. The Courses Tool generates a learning schedule, allows you to read the selections within the tool itself, and then tracks your progress.
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Figurative Language

What Is It? The New Testament is full of figurative language, including metaphor, simile, metonymy as well as other types of non-literal expressions. Figurative language is deeply meaningful, but it is often either overlooked, or difficult to understand John 16:29. The Lexham Figurative Language of the New Testament Dataset FLD solves this problem by providing a structured dataset of important figurative expressions in the New Testament.
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Hebrew Grammatical Constructions

What is it? This new dataset identifies grammatical constructions in the Old Testament and finds other occurrences of the construction in the Bible. Example: Find all the tripartite nominal clauses in the Hebrew OT.
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Longacre Genre Analysis

What Is It? The Longacre Genre Analysis Dataset employs Robert Longacre’s categories of discourse genre, as detailed in his The Grammar of Discourse, to the pericopes of the Old and New Testaments. We have adapted Longacre’s taxonomy of four main genres, each having two sub-genres according to the needs of the project.
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Sentence Types of the New Testament Dataset

What Is It? The Sentence Types of the Bible Dataset documents everywhere there is a declarative, interrogative, or imperatival sentence within the New Testament.
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Quickstart Layouts

What is it? QuickStart layouts are predefined layout templates, not unlike the existing Home Page layouts. To access the predefined layouts, go to Layouts at the top right of the screen and click.
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Speech Acts

What Is It? The Speech Acts Dataset annotates the New Testament text in an attempt to capture the volition or intent of the speaker or the writer. When we speak, we do things with our language, and this dataset attempts to capture that volition or intention.
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An Empty Tomb

What Is It? An Empty Tomb interactive combines historical evidence with spiritual reflection in one resource. Take a tour of a first century empty Jewish tomb, gain a greater understanding of burial practices from the biblical world, and grasp the spiritual significance of this ancient ritual and site.
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Exploring Biblical Manuscripts

What Is It? Textual criticism is a complex field, especially when it comes to analyzing extant manuscripts and grasping the importance of these ancient documents. With the biblical manuscript educational interactive, you’ll discover how many manuscripts are still available to us, when and how they were composed, which ones are most important, and how these important documents are used to validate the biblical text.
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