Logos 6.12

Logos 6.12 ( was released on May 31st, 2016.

Logos Now

Discourse Datasets and Visual Filters

The datasets and visual filters constitute a complete discourse analysis of the whole Bible, constructed with graphical representations for numerous communicative devices throughout the Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament. The datasets are searchable, so you can find every occurrence of direct address in the Old or New Testaments. And with the use of our reverse interlinear data, you can use the Discourse features visual filters to view these annotations in several different English, Greek, or Hebrew bibles. Thread

Narrative Character Maps Vol 2

Added the Jacob character map.


Search Cookbook

Added entries for Lexham Discourse Datasets to Search Cookbook. (Note: These searches will be visible for all users but require separate resources available in Logos Now)

Septuagint Manuscript Explorer

Updated the Rahlfs M manuscript entry content and URL. Added additional Vatican Manuscript URLs to other manuscript entries.

Bug Fixes


Fixed data issue with Biblical Entities in the KJV1900 Concordance. Note that if you already generated a KJV1900 concordance with the problem, then the concordance will need to be regenerated. This may be accomplished by generating 10 other concordances, then generating a KJV1900 again. (An advanced way is to delete the KJV1900 concordance file from disk.)

Improve efficiency of Resource Picker in Concordance.


Fixed an issue causing the courses tool to link the wrong video with the current text position. (Thread)

Multi-Resource View

Fixed a bug where using the home/end buttons might make a multiview display disappear when inline search results are visible. Thread

New Features


Suggestions are now provided for auto-completing datatype names.

SoundFaith Guide Section

Replaces sermons.logos.com. Appears in Passage Guide on a key verse, and in Topic Guide on a key topic, in Sermon Starter Guide on a sermon theme.


Command Box

Chinese and Korean commands now parse and render with a more natural syntax.

Most English commands can now be parsed in non-English UIs.

Media Resources

Added ability to turn off auto-advance while playing a media resource.

Personal Book Builder

If you use the sermon metadata table (wiki), the necessary {Sermon} label will be generated automatically allowing it to show up in the Sermons guide section and in other searches for sermons. (You will need to recompile your sermon resources at least once to use the new personal book compiler.) (Thread)


Updated to SQLite 3.12.1

Bug Fixes

Chinese UI

“type:Bible” will no longer show Bible Commentaries in library or collections.

Commentaries Guide Section

Fixed bug causing the number of commentaries setting in the guide template to be ignored. Thread

Context Menu

Searching “this resource” from the context menu in Bibles will always now perform a Bible search.

F7 Quick Text Comparison

Text in different languages will no longer show differences.

Home Page Reference box

Fixed an issue which could cause “3 John 1:12” to be returned as the top suggestion when entering “John 1:1” (Thread)

Fixed inline search result headers not being visible. Thread


Fixed bug that caused Logos to crash when moving to Full View after adding a note in Split View.

Resource Display

Fixed display of “prime” character in resources with Default Sans Serif font. Thread

Text selection

Fixed an issue that caused selected text to sometimes leave gaps in the highlighting. Thread

Textual Variants

New Testament Text and Translation Commentary will now correctly appear in the Textual Commentaries list in the Textual Variants guide section when the section in NTTTC covers a range of Bible references. Thread

Visual Filters

Release Notes (Final): Fix crash when using “Addressee labels” or “Speaker labels” visual filters in NABRE. thread

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