Logos 35.0 Beta 1

Version: 35.0.469
Release Date: June 4, 2024

For Logos Pro customers

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Logos Pro New Features & Improvements

These Logos Pro features require a license. If you don’t already subscribe, you can get a temporary license for the features marked with an asterisk during the beta period by becoming a follower of this Faithlife group. The license will expire when v35 is released to the stable channel.

  • Factbook
    • Commentaries section*
      • The Passage Guide’s Commentaries section is now available for Factbook reports on a Bible reference.
      • Working online will return Cloud Book commentaries in results. When the Logos app is offline, it will include Personal Book commentaries.
  • Help Center*
    • Help Center is a new feature to help you answer questions about how to use Logos.
    • The start page has links for popular topics and tutorials.
    • Help Center searches all Logos training materials in one place. We are still adding more content to the search index.
    • At time of release, it supports:
      • The Logos Help resource and dataset documentation Training articles from support.logos.com.
      • Video tutorials from MP Seminars’ QuickStart videos.
      • Mobile Ed courses, and other select sources.
  • Insights*
    • New Cross Reference card has been added to the insights tool when working online.
  • Summarization
    • An article picker has been added to the summarization tool. It’s now possible to see what level of the article is being summarized and change to a different level if you wish.
    • The maximum length of an article to be summarized has increased from just over 10,000 words to around 100,000.
Logos Pro Tweaks & Bug Fixes
  • Insights
    • Resource links in Insights now respect set application language.
  • Summarization
    • Summarization will now show error state when the article is too long to summarize.

General changes

  • Resource Prioritization
    • Cloud books, Print Library books, and other unowned books will now be visible in the Prioritize Books pane. thread
  • Factbook
    • Factbook now supports any Bible reference range, not just fixed pericopes.
    • Pericopes suggested by Factbook autocomplete now come from your preferred Bible.
    • The order of items in Factbook autocomplete is now improved.
  • Home Page
    • Temporarily changed the name of the Home page to Dashboard.
    • Note: We’ve decided to revert this change in version 35. It will remain “Home” in beta 2, and become “Dashboard” in a later version.
Bug Fixes
  • Canvas
    • Text in the hex code color selector in the Canvas tool is now visible.
  • Collections
    • Collections that have been undeleted will now properly load in the application.
  • Courses
    • The application will no longer crash when working through MacArthur Bible Study courses.
  • Dark Mode
    • Corrected the panel background color in dark mode for unavailable resources in offline mode.
  • Search
    • Search Fields are no longer missing from Basic Search for the NA28 Critical Apparatus. thread
    • Searching place:Jerusalem in a Maps search will no longer create duplicate results.
    • Document search will now find Bible references from ref.ly links in notes.
    • The application will no longer crash when clicking on text in a Bible when resource panel is linked with a search panel.
    • Search result summaries will no longer be duplicated when summarizing multiple results at a time.
    • Search result links will now execute by clicking enter when the keyboard is in focus.
    • Non-Bibles will no longer be included as additional versions in Bible search when adding a series.
  • Visual Filters
    • Icons will now appear in certain Bibles when the Verse of the Day visual filter is turned on.
Mac Bug Fixes
  • Notes
    • The New Note button in the Notes tool is no longer clipped.
  • Resources
    • A flashing black bar will no longer occur in unowned resource previews. Thread.
Windows Bug Fixes
  • Search
    • Add versions picker on will now reset the scroll position to the top each time it is re-opened.

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