Logos 31.0 Beta 1

Version: 31.0.09
Release Date: December 13, 2023

Changes & Improvements

  • Context Menu
    • There is now a copy command in the context menu for URLs.
  • Program Settings
    • Added the ability to bring up a search bar in program settings using CMD/Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut.
  • Reading View
    • Updated verbiage from “Reading View” to “Full screen” across all panels and documentation.
  • Search
    • Searching Chinese text will return results for Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
  • Workflows
    • Textboxes now respect the preferred Notes font family and font size.

Bug Fixes

  • Context Menu
    • The Factbook option will now consistently appear in the context menu for selected Lemmas. Thread.
  • Hidden Resources
    • Updated Resource Panel UI for hidden resources.
  • Information Tool
    • Results in the translation section of the Information tool are now grouped by language.
  • Library
    • The multi select info in the Add to Library tab will now correctly update as books are selected/deselected.
  • Passage Lists
    • Corrected background colors for rows in Passage Lists.
  • Resource
    • The resource will now select and navigate to the typed reference at the top of the resource navigator list instead of selecting the current location. Thread & Thread.
  • Search
    • Additional version columns are no longer misaligned when the search panel width is narrowed.
    • Including a question mark at the end of a search query will no longer cause performance issues.
    • Search results will no longer include duplicate results. Thread & Thread.
    • Morph search tab now uses “in” rather than a bullet before the reference range picker.
  • Workflows
    • Textboxes will no longer lose focus after a long pause between typing.

Mac Bug Fixes

  • About Panel
    • Corrected color for font and Logos icon in the About Panel.
  • Library
    • The application will no longer crash when deselecting books in the Add to Library tab.
  • Search
    • Search History items no longer appear grayed out.
    • Text entered into the Bible picker drop down will no longer be cutoff.
  • Start up
    • Resolved a crash related to layout shortcuts that occurred on start up.

Windows Bug Fixes

  • Home Page
    • The application will no longer crash when creating a Sermon from the Home Page.
  • Indexer
    • Indexer no longer writes the wrong path to the RunOnce registry value. Thread.
  • Print/Export
    • The application will no longer crash when selecting Print as shown on screen when printing grid view search results.
  • Start up
    • The application will no longer crash when an invalid proxy is set.
  • Workflows
    • Spell check indicator is now properly aligned in textboxes.

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