Logos 22.0 Beta 1

Release Date: November 30, 2022

New Features
  • Auto Translation
    • Updated supported languages.
    • Translation visual filter no longer appears when translating selected text.
  • Favorites
    • Added an option to undo a deleted item.
    • Added the ability to create duplicate Favorites.
    • Added the ability to create a copy of a Favorites item from dragging and dropping while holding the Control key on Windows or Options key on Mac.
  • Indexing
    • Improvements to indexing for reverse interlinear original language data when multiple translation words are aligned as primary to the same original language words.
  • Search
    • New Search panels initialize to last used search settings
    • Updated search result groups to infinitely scroll.
    • Added new ways to group results in books search
    • Added Print Library and Cloud resources to the collections picker in Books Search.
  • Splash Screens
    • Updated splash screens to reflect owned feature set and program version number.
  • UI Changes
    • Renamed “Local Books” to “Downloaded Books” in collection picker.
    • Renamed “All Resources” to “All Books” in Morph Search.
    • Improvements to drop shadow styling in the Windows application.
  • Versioning
    • Updated the application versioning scheme. Thread.
Bug Fixes
  • Context Menu
    • Corrected color of certain icons in Dark Mode.
  • Documents
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when creating a reading plan.
  • Layout
    • Resolved a crash that occured when loading a lectionary reading layout.
  • Machine Translation
    • Resolved a bug that caused unncessary additional translations when selecting a new portion of text.
  • Notes
    • Corrected border styling in the Notes panel in Dark Mode.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the cursor to hide when content scaling was higher than 100%.
    • Resolved numerous IME bugs that occurred in the Notes tool.
  • Printing
    • Resolved a bug that caused Word Find documents to be unreadable in print and export view in dark mode. Thread.
  • Search
    • Resolved Large milestone ranges in supplemental data show chapter numbers in the results (will trigger a re-index of Bibles)
    • Resolved a bug that caused top Bibles instead of the open Bible to be searched when running a Bible search from the context menu.
    • Resolved a bug that excluded cloud books from “All Books” shortcuts that had been created in L9.
    • Resolved a bug that caused certain collection selections to not be remembered when switching from and back to Books search
    • Resolved a number of bugs that resulted in incorrect or confusing TAB behavior in autocomplete.
    • Resolved a bug that caused hit highlighting to overlap and cover descending letters
    • Resolved a crash that occurred when performing an inline search from the context menu.
    • Resolved a bug that caused Passage Lists containing a non-Bible reference to be unsearchable.
    • Corrected a typo in the Docs Search help that incorrectly referred to “articles” instead of “documents”. Thread.
  • Resolved a bug that kept quick collections from being able to be saved in Morph search settings.
  • Sermons
    • Resolved a bug that caused certain time zones to cause incorrect dates to appear on Sermons.
  • Sign-in
    • Updated the translation to avoid cutting off the text for the “Work Offline Mode” when the application is set to German.
  • Timeline
    • Resolved a bug that caused the Timeline tool to not navigate to an event if the section header was collapsed.
  • Toolbar
    • Added correct padding around buttons when the Toolbar is expanded.
Windows Bug Fixes
  • Resource Panel
    • Resolved a bug that caused descender letters entered in the navigation box to be clipped.
    • Resolved a bug that caused incorrect indenting on selected Table of Content items.

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