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“How do I learn biblical Greek?”

It’s easy to get started, and there are great rewards to learning biblical Greek. It enhances your Bible study, lets you dig deeper into the New Testament, and makes it easier to understand the meaning of a Bible passage.

Seminary Courses

You can learn biblical Greek at most mid- to large-size theological seminaries. There are residential and online courses at:

Self-Directed Digital Courses

Biblical Greek is known as ‘koine Greek’, or the Alexandrian dialect, and is slightly different than ‘classical Greek’. Koine Greek was the form used in the times and places where the New Testament was written.

Greek Alphabet

There’s no difference between a biblical Greek alphabet and the modern Greek alphabet. You’ll want to learn both how it’s printed in modern fonts as well as how to handwrite it.

Logos Bible Software base packages come with extensive Greek Alphabet resources, including fonts, posters, handwriting worksheets, flashcards, an interactive Greek Alphabet tutor, and more.

You’ll want to check out the Logos Mobile Ed Interactive Greek Alphabet Course as well.

Pronouncing Greek

Modern Greek pronunciation has evolved over the years, and differs significantly from Ancient Greek pronunciation. Moreover, there are two different systems for pronouncing biblical Greek.

Koine Greek Pronunciation

This system of pronunciation is used in many seminaries. Here it is in a Greek alphabet song:


Erasmian Greek Pronunciation

Developed by Erasmus when Greek was being ‘rediscovered’ and appreciated during the Renaissance period, this is a pronunciation system that was never used in day to day speaking, but is commonly taught to biblical Greek students.


Greek Audio Bible

Listen to the entire New Testament in Greek with Logos Bible Software, on the desktop or a mobile device, using the Greek Audio New Testament. This incredible resource lets you jump to any verse and start reading by pressing Ctrl+R; a gray dot highlights each word as it’s pronounced so you can easily follow along. (The audio is read by Dr. John Schwandt, who teachs the alphabet course.)

Greek Grammars

Logos Bible Software offers dozens of Greek grammars and reference works.

A great starting grammar is An Introduction to Biblical Greek, by Dr. John Schwandt, who has taught biblical Greek at a college as well as through his popular “Greek in a Week” program at churches around the United States.

Greek Lexicons

A lexicon is a scholarly dictionary, and an essential tool when learning an ancient language.

Logos Bible Software offers all the most-used Greek lexicons.

The most popular is BDAG; the LSJ lexicon is a lexicon of classical Greek, but widely used by biblical Greek scholars for context and comparison.


Learning biblical Greek is a great investment in better Bible study, and a rewarding skill. The tools and courses from Logos will help you learn biblical Greek, use it regularly, and keep your skills current over a lifetime.


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