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You might see a Resource Id or LLS Code (e.g. LLS:1.0.71) quoted in the forums or you might be looking at files in your Resources folder and want to know what the book’s title is:

  • Enter the Resource ID or filename (without extension) in the Command box e.g. open LLS:1.0.71 or open NASB95 will open the NASB95 bible, but only if it is one of your resources.

    NOTE:— you can find the Resource ID and filename of your books by opening their Information panel and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

(Logos 4)

You can use a Resource ID as above, but not a filename. You can try the filename as a Resource Id (e.g. LLS:400PRAYPREACHERS) but it won’t work for resources like NASB95 or ESV. However, there is a utility program for Windows that will provide the Resource ID from the filename. This is not supported by Logos in any way, so use at your own risk.

Download http://www.rosieperera.com/bin/llscode.exe (right-click and choose “Save Target As...”) and save it in your Logos Resources folder. Run it from the Windows Command prompt (enter CMD in the Windows Search bar and then navigate to your Resources folder using the “cd” command).

The syntax is as follows:

        llscode <filename>


        llscode godsword.logos4

NOTE:— this works for Logos files (.logos4) and not .lbxlls files.

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