Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows

Logos Help includes Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows) and Verbum Help includes Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

General keyboard shortcuts
Wiki: TOC, VTOC, Home
Forum: Home, General
Alt go to menu bar (then press underlined letter keys to open or activate)
Alt+- activate panel menu
Alt+Bksp undo
Alt+A open/close Layouts
Alt+C Copies a Verse when the CBV panel is open
Alt+D go to Command Box
Alt+down next
Alt+F open/close Documents menu
Alt+F4 close program
Alt+G open/close Guides menu
Alt+H open/close Home Page
Alt+Home go to Home Page (from a floating window)
Alt+L open/close Library
Alt+P open Help menu
Alt+S open Search panel
Alt+space activate window menu
Alt+T open/close Tools menu
Alt+up previous
Alt+left back
Alt+right forward
Alt+Ctrl+B open Copy Bible Verses tool in a floating window from any Windows application (if Logos is running)
Ctrl forces sign in prompt at startup (keep Ctrl held down until Sign In appears)
Ctrl+= zoom in
Ctrl+- zoom out
Ctrl+0 zoom to fit
right arrow navigate to next parallel resource (use this if current resource has a horizontal scrollbar)
left arrow navigate to previous parallel resource (use this if current resource has a horizontal scrollbar)
Ctrl+Page Up switch to previous tab (physical order)
Ctrl+Page Down switch to next tab (physical order)
Ctrl+1...9 go to Bookmark (1-9)
Ctrl+Enter search for [word, “phrase”] in Top Bibles (after typing search term in Command Box)
Ctrl+Shift+Enter search for [word, “phrase”] in Entire Library (after typing search term in Command Box)
Ctrl+A select all
Ctrl+C copy
Ctrl+D add current location to Favorites
Ctrl+E expand all timeline groups
Ctrl+F4 close current panel
Ctrl+F6 switch keyboard focus to next pane
Ctrl+Shift+F6 switch keyboard focus to previous pane
Ctrl+F11 float this panel
Ctrl+Shift+F11 dock this panel
Ctrl+G go to reference box of current resource/guide
Ctrl+H open History
Ctrl+Ins copy
Ctrl+K apply visual markup
Ctrl+Shift+K erase visual markup
Ctrl+L open Library in a floating window
Ctrl+P print (limited at this time)
Ctrl+Shift+1...9 set Bookmark (1-9)
Ctrl+Shift+left previous equivalent resource
Ctrl+Shift+right next equivalent resource
Ctrl+Shift+N clone this panel in a new tab
Ctrl+Shift+S open Search (from a floating window)
Ctrl+Shift+Tab go to previous tab (in history)
Ctrl+T open New Tab with parallel resources
Ctrl+Tab go to next tab (in history)
Ctrl+V paste
Ctrl+W close panel
Ctrl+Shift+W close all panels
Ctrl+X cut
Ctrl+Y redo
Ctrl+Z undo
Del delete
Esc dismiss (or exit drawing mode)
F1 help
F5 refresh
F7 quick comparison of the active verse/selected text
F8 enter drawing mode or clear drawing
F10 go to menu bar (then press Enter key to open or activate)
Shift+F5 clear history and refresh (home page)
Shift+Del cut
Shift+Ins paste
Spacebar page forward one page
Shift+Spacebar page backwards one page

Panel menu keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl+F Find (in this panel)
Ctrl+Shift+L Show/hide locator bar
Ctrl+Shift+C Show/hide table of contents
Ctrl+Shift+R show/hide interlinear panel
Ctrl+R Read aloud
F11 Reading view
Ctrl+Alt+C Copy location as [URL] [HTML] [WIKI] [RL]

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