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I bought a resource CD but it has Libronix on it. I don’t have Libronix anymore (or never had it), how do I get the books into Logos?

There are two ways to get resources purchased on CD into Logos.

(Note that Libronix is no longer supported by Faithlife, the respective servers are no longer in operation. Thus, while it remains possible to install and run Libronix on a Windows desktop, this installation will no longer synchronize resource licenses with a Logos library)

Activate through website

  • make sure you are logged in to or the forums with the appropriate user-id
  • use the website
  • it gives an input field for the product key

Call Customer Service

You call 1 (800) 875-6467 (US), 0871-218-1700 (UK)

Sample Conversation

ring, ring
Receptionist: Logos Bible Software, how may I direct your call?
You: Customer Service please
Receptionist: One moment please.
Hold music begins to play, likely you’ll hear the forums extolled
CS Agent: Thank you for calling Logos, how can I help you?
You: I bought a Libronix CD and I’d like to activate it on my account
CS Agent: Certainly, may I have your name and the email address your account is registered under?
You: John Doe and
CS Agent: Thank you, what is the serial number?
You then read off the serial number on the CD packaging
CS Agent: Thank you. Ok, I’ve unlocked the book on your account. Just restart Logos if you have it open and your books should automatically download and index. Can I help you with anything else?
You: No, that’s it. Thanks!
CS Agent: Have a good day!

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