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I bought a resource CD but it has Libronix on it. I don’t have Libronix anymore (or never had it), how do I get the books into Logos/Verbum ?

Two ways to associate Libronix resource license(s) with your Faithlife account:

After resource license(s) are associated, the resource(s) can be downloaded and indexed in your applications. When online, the command Update Resources causes application to check for new/updated resources to download & index. If publisher licensing allowed for mobile use, then the resource(s) can be used on mobile apps OR Biblia OR Web Apps: Logos & Verbum

(Note: Libronix is no longer supported by Faithlife, which included shut down of their cloud services on 1 Oct 2017. Thus, while it remains possible to install and run Libronix on a Windows desktop, this installation can no longer connect to Libronix servers to sychronize your licenses)

Associate License Online

Call Customer Service

You call 1 (800) 875-6467 (US), 0871-218-1700 (UK)

Sample Conversation

ring, ring
Receptionist: Logos Bible Software, how may I direct your call?
You: Customer Service please
Receptionist: One moment please.
Hold music begins to play, likely you’ll hear the forums extolled
CS Agent: Thank you for calling Logos, how can I help you?
You: I bought a Libronix CD and I’d like to activate it on my account
CS Agent: Certainly, may I have your name and the email address your account is registered under?
You: John Doe and
CS Agent: Thank you, what is the serial number?
You then read off the serial number on the CD packaging
CS Agent: Thank you. Ok, I’ve unlocked the book on your account. Just restart Logos if you have it open and your books should automatically download and index. Can I help you with anything else?
You: No, that’s it. Thanks!
CS Agent: Have a good day!

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