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These instructions apply to Logos on Windows.
Contributed by Matthew Lee


Install Logos for multiple users from a single download of program and resources

With this method we can do a Logos install and update on one central computer and copy resources onto a USB key for distribution to other users. This method is useful when a single user is regularly connected to the internet, and other users have a similar package of resources.
Note: As each user is different, a one-time connection to the internet will be necessary to allow Logos to download licenses for authorized resources.

First Computer:

  1. Install Logos from your Logos Order history.
  2. Start Logos and login with your Customer ID and password.
  3. Logos will download and install your resources.
    • This can take a long time
  4. Logos’ homepage will show, and will index your library to make it searchable.
  5. When Logos has finished indexing, quit Logos.
  6. Copy the following files to a USB key for the new computer:
    • All files from the folder of Installation files: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Logos\Install\Installers
    • resource folder: C:\Users\username\Appdata\Local\Logos\data\randomId\ResourceMangager\Resources
      • username is a Windows user account
      • randomid is a random 8.3 folder name, e.g. 96w5gowz.x6i \

Second and other Computers:

  1. Run Logos_x64.msi
    • If needed, you can Install DirectX and .NET from the Installer folder you copied, but this is probably not necessary.
  2. Connect with this user’s ID and password (you must connect to the internet to download unlocked resource licenses).
  3. You will see several notifications.
    • Logging in.
    • Choosing the size of installation
    • Preparing to Download. (It is important to let this finish! At this time, Logos is getting information about which resources the user has access to and doing other housekeeping.)
  4. As soon as you see “Downloading Resources”, click the X in the corner, and Logos will close.
  5. Go Offline (disconnect from the Internet)
  6. Copy resources from your key into C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Logos\Data\randomId\ResourceManager\Downloaded
    • This computer will have created a new randomID, and that is OK. There is no need to rename it, use the one that is there.
  7. Start Logos. If you press Ctrl when you start Logos, it will let you choose to work offline before attempting to connect.
  8. Choose “Work Offline”.
  9. Logos will automatically move the resources into the Resource folder. It will then start to install them in the background. ((1) Preparing Library...)
  10. If you click on Library, it will say “Updating Library Catalog”.
  11. This could take a while, go get a coffee.
  12. Gradually you will see your library growing until all registered resources and features are showing up.
  13. Next, Logos will start indexing...this also will take a while, and searches will not work properly until it is completed.
  14. The next time you go online, Logos will only download unlocked resources that were not on the key, updates since the resources were copied, as well as any Documents (notes, highlights, etc.) specific to the user.

Distributing “Offline” Updates

You can download updates on a central computer and carry them to other computers on a USB key.
Note: Only the resources that a specific user has unlocked/purchased will be installed/updated.

The First Computer:

  1. This computer must be connected to the internet and download resource updates.
  2. Find the Resource folder and copy all of the resources, or just the new ones, to a USB key.

The Other Computer(s)

  1. Start Logos
  2. In the Command box, type scan D:\resources (replacing the path with the path to the resource folder on your USB key).
  3. Wait a while and you should get a “(1) Preparing Library” Icon near the Layout button. After a while, the updated resources will be available.
    • As Logos already knows which resources the user has purchased, it will only update the ones that they can access.

Default installation path is C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Logos
Path to resource folder is C:\Users\username\Appdata\Local\Logos\Data\randomId\ResourceManager\Resources
—> username is a Windows user account
—> randomid is a random 8.3 folder name, e.g. 96w5gowz.x6i

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