How to ask for help

The Logos forums are full of people who are willing to help with any question or problem you might have with Logos. Some are Logos staff, most are Logos users who volunteer their time.

How to get an answer — without even asking!

Before you ask for help:

  • Please check this Wiki to see if your question has already been answered.
  • Search the forum to see if your question has already been answered. Unfortunately, the “Search this site” box doesn’t work too well, so you’ll need to use Google. Search for searchterms, or just click this link then add your search terms at the end of the search box.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, go ahead and ask, by creating a new thread.

How to ask a great question

If your question is a “How do I....?” question, please let us know clearly what you’re trying to do, and perhaps give us an example.

If your question is about something going wrong (e.g. a crash, an error message, Logos being very slow, or search results are wrong, etc.), then we will need to see your logsbefore we can help. Logos has an optional feature whereby it records everything that happens in a log file. That allows us to see exactly what is causing the problem. It also helps if we know a little bit about your computer (particularly your Operating System and how much RAM (memory) your computer has).

Make sure you have a clearly worded subject. “Logos sucks!” is a bad subject, and will likely get you lots of replies telling you that Logos doesn’t suck. “Logos crashes every time I open it” is a good subject, and will get you replies helping you to solve the problem.

How to create a discussion thread

Finally, be nice to us! Computers can be frustrating, but that’s almost certainly not the fault of the person who will be trying to help you. Please and thankyou’s go a long way.

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