How to Write a Bug Report

A brief summary of important items:

  • Keep the title relatively short: 10 words or less
  • Include what OS you’re using (Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac 10.9)
  • List which version of the Beta you are running (Beta 1, 2, 3, etc)
  • Provide steps on how to reproduce. Make it clear for someone else to follow your steps and get the same result.
  • Include screenshots, or a screencast if necessary. If you don’t have screenshot software, Jing is an excellent, free, program.
  • Describe your expected behavior, and then what the actual behavior is. This makes the issue clear and how it should be fixed.
  • Make it clear what area of the app the error occurred in. Example: Several Guides as well as the Factbook have a “Root” section. Which one were you using?
    • For locations within a resource, adding a URL (Click the resource cover image in the top-left, then “Copy location as URL”) is a quick and easy reference.
  • Include your Logos.log and LogosError.log files. This provides helpful information to the developer. Check this page to learn how to enable logging and find log files on your operating system.

Here’s an example:

Logos Bible Software Wiki

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