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  • The Vyrso platform gives a wide range of resources, like one would find in a Christian bookstore – including fiction, self-help, devotionals, children books etc. Vyrso books are also readable and searchable in Logos.
  • Logos and the publishers often run book promotions on Vyrso, so at any given time you’ll find a number of free resources – some are free for a day or two, some longer, so it helps to check often!
  • Like, you can search Vyrso for free books by typing in price:0. To exclude resources already in your library, add &unlocked=no to the search string.

Also from Logos: the Faithilfe Study Bible (FSB)

  • The FSB currently is free from Logos – this is a resource package with LEB bible, Study bible (adapts to a number of widespread bible texts), the Lexham Bible Dictionary, Logos infographics, photos, videos and more, even including a daily devotional. While the FSB comes with its own mobile app for Android and iPhone/Pad, these resources integrate seamlessly into the Logos desktop application. Get it here.

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Free books notifications

The following services provide instant notifications when books become free:

Free Logos 3 (Libronix) Books

From Crossway Books

Note: These free Crossway Bible Resources are for people who own a print ESV Bible with an included free software offer. The cheapest one including the free package is *here

Download the Crossway Package with the following books *here

Books Included:

  • James, A Study Guide
  • The Abridged Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-English Lexicon of the Old Testament
  • The Crossway Classic Commentary on Galatians by Martin Luther (CWCCGAL)
  • Exploring the New Testament
  • Exploring the Old Testament
  • English Standard Version
  • The King James Version Bible
  • Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary
  • New Nave’s Topical Bible 2.0
  • Preaching the Word: Romans – Righteousness From Heaven
  • Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon 2.0, by James Strong

From Thomas Nelson

The free eBible sampler was provided when Thomas Nelson was still publishing their own Logos/Libronix product range. The sampler can still be downloaded on the “Internet Wayback Machine”. The licenses work fine on Logos 3, and with a bit of effort can even be transferred to newer versions.
eBible Sampler

  • King James Bible
  • King James Bible Commentary
  • Nelson’s Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts
  • Smith’s Bible Dictionary
  • Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon
  • What Does the Bible Say About?

How to unlock L3 resources to your L6/L7 library

Since the Logos 3 license server is no longer up and running, unlocking the above bundle is somewhat tedious. The following steps are confirmed to be working on a Windows XP (virtual) machine with online connection, without previous Logos installation, and might or might not work on other systems.

1. Install Logos 3.0g (L3) for Windows.
2. Request your L3 user id and confirmation code by email, and log into L3.
3. Download the free L3 resource, and follow the installation instructions.
4. Register the free L3 resource to unlock it permanently.
5. Execute a license sync.
6. In your L6/L7 software, Update Resources, and enjoy your free books.

Free Meltho Fonts User Guide

1. On L3, execute the Series X Update Script
2. Select from the Optional Downloads the Meltho Fonts User Guide
3. Perform a license sync.
4. Copy the contents of your L3 resources folder to a pen drive.
5. In your L6/L7 software, Scan the drivewith the L3 resources folder, then wait for Logos to copy and add the resource.

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