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 This wiki will outline how you can setup various resources & tools in a floating window and then later be able to open them in a floating window to be used with your study in the main window. You may find that you use particular tools for a specific aspect when you are studying and do not want to disturb your primary study layout in the main window of Logos. By using this method you could build several such floating layouts with specific tools/resources to aid you in your study.

 There is one drawback to this method; after opening your tools you will need to move them to where you want them in the floating window. But this is still quicker than trying to open them individually. When your layout is saved, it will include the floating windows.

Basic Concept

 The concept is simple. We create a folder in Favorites to hold a list of links to resources/tools that we want to use in a floating window. Then we can easily right click on that folder and have Logos open all links within that folder into a floating window. After Logos opens the floating window, we rearrange our resources/tools to how we want them. This is illustrated below:

  1. Notice the folder Floating Tools in the Favorites window. This is where I store all my floating tool folders.
  2. Notice the folder Prophecies of Christ tool under Floating Tools folder. This is a floating tool that I open when needed.
  3. Notice the resources/tools that are inside of the Prophecies of Christ tool folder. These are the resources which will be in the floating window.
  4. Also notice other folders under Floating Tools. These are other floating tool windows that can be opened. You can create as many as you want.

    • How to open a Floating tool window

  5. Right click on the floating tool folder that you want to open. Logos will show a drop down menu.
    1. In the drop down menu click on Open all in a floating window.

    2. Notice that Logos has opened all the resources/tools which were inside of that folder into a floating window. Also notice that Logos did not arrange them how you probably had them arranged.

  6. So arrange the resources/tools how you want them quickly by dragging and dropping them where you want them. (tools in the image are squished together to fit this wiki, normally the floating window would be zoomed to full size)

Example: Prophecy of Christ tool

 This section will walk you through setting up the Floating Tool in your Favorites. You may not have these Passage list/Notes/Resources, so just use the resources or tools that you want in your floating tool.

  1. In the top menu click on Tools.
  2. In the drop down menu use your mouse to grab and drag Favorites and drop it in your layout area.

  3. You will probably want to create a folder to save your floating tools (folders) under. So create a folder for storing your floating window tools.
  4. Right click on the folder which will contain your tools. Logos will show a drop down menu.
    1. In the drop down menu click on Create new folder. Logos will probably not place your new folder directly under the folder that you right clicked on...

    2. Name the folder for your floating tool (after Logos creates it).
  5. With your mouse grab and drag the new folder and drop it on the folder (Floating Tools). Logos will nest your new folder underneath that folder. So when you click on the arrow to the right of Floating Tools to compact it, you should not see your new folder. Then click on the arrow again to expand Floating Tools.

  6. Now open the resources and/or tools that you want to appear in your floating window. Open them into a panel to the right of the Favorites panel.

  7. Now grab the tab of one of your resources and drag it to the Favorites panel and drop it on the new folder that you created.
    (To move all at once, see Tip: Using Shift-Drag)
    1. Repeat this step for each of the other resources/tools that you want to appear in your floating window.

    2. Now all your resources should appear under your new folder in Favorites.

      • Now lets open your new floating tool window

  8. Close all the resources that you added to your Favorite floating tool. (Logos will not create copies of Notes/Passage Lists/tools in another floating window).
    1. In the Favorites panel, right click on the new folder that you built.
    2. Logos will show you a drop down menu, click on Open all in a floating window.

  9. Logos now shows all your resources/tools in a new floating window.

  10. Now you will probably want to rearrange your resources/tools in the floating window. Use your mouse to drag and drop your resources/tools where you want them. Now you are ready to use your floating tool window.
  11. In the future to use your floating tool window, just repeat steps 8-10.

Tip: Using Shift-Drag to move multiple resources/tools at one time

 Mark Barnes pointed out a method which makes it even easier to add multiple resources/tools at once to your folder in Favorites.


  1. On your keyboard, hold down the Shift key and with your mouse click on a tab of one of your resources/tools (which are in a single panel) and ....

  2. ... drag it to the Favorites folder and drop it on the folder that you want to use as a Floating Tool Window.

  3. Notice that Logos has copied links to all your resources/tools which you had in that panel to your Favorites folder.

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