Fixing Logos 4 folder Ownership

(Fixing Logos folder Ownership)

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When updating, if you encounter an error message like this:

you have either previously run the Logos installer as an administrator, or you have experienced a bug that assigns ownership of the Logos folder to the Administrator group instead of to your user name. The following steps fix this issue. Please note that this procedure is not supported by Logos, and you may ultimately have to uninstall and reinstall Logos to fix this update problem.

These instructions were created using Windows 7, but other versions of Windows should be similar.

Navigate to C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local. (Remember, the AppData folder is hidden, so you must enable viewing of hidden files and folders to see it. You can find this option in Folder Options in the Windows Control Panel.) Right-click on the Logos, Logos5 or Logos4 folder and select Properties.

Select the Security tab and click Advanced.

Select the Owner tab, and you will see this:

Click the Edit button.

Select the user account in which you use Logos, and check “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects.” Then click OK.

Now Logos updates should process normally without the workaround of running the installer as an administrator.

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