Bug: Various issues with downloading of Galaxie files

Fundamental conflict appears between resources from user’s L3 direct from Galaxie and those available to L4:-
1. gs_bsac_, gs_caj_, gs_dbsj_ files are downloaded but Indexer concludes that “All indexable resources are indexed” and terminates normally until the next time L4 is started or other resources are updated.
2. If version 3 Logos installation has more current resources in its Resources folder (we have noted the Biblia Sacra files 1-90 and GS_JBMW_10.lbxlls) than version 4 Logos, it appears that the system attempts to initiate an update and download new versions of those files every time a Scan occurs or another legitimate update requires the download of files. The system sees the L4 versions are older; it updates server resources even though they are the same as what is on the desktop installation. This download of Bib. Sacra 1-90 is about 215MB, and you will see the system download that but no resources change in the L4 resources folder.
3. It appears that resource id’s are case sensitive as the logs state:-
       ‘LLS:gs_jbmw_10’ is out of date
       ‘LLS:GS_JBMW_10’ is up to date

Software version: 4.0a.
Reported by Dave Hooton.
Forum link: http://community.logos.com/forums/p/8654/69062.aspx

See also http://community.logos.com/forums/t/8453.aspx

Status: fixed – New versions of the resources are now published.

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