Bug: Export Search to Microsoft problem

After doing a search of all resources, I selected ‘Print/Export’. When I choose ‘Send to a new document’ or ‘Copy to clipboard’ or ‘Save as File’ or ‘Paste into open document’ and I have ‘Print as shown on screen’ selected, I get different reactions from Logos.

Send to PowerPoint works. Send to Word and Save as Webpage gives me only the first page without any ‘Library Results’. Send to Excel crashes Logos.

Steps to reproduce
1. Load Logos
2. Select ‘Search’
3. Select ‘Basic’
4. Change search range to ‘Entire Library’
5. Input search term.
6. Press ‘Enter’
7. Press ‘Ctrl-P’
8. Under ‘Send to new document’ Select ‘Microsoft Excel’

Actual Result

Expected Result
Instead of crashing I expected Logos 4 to copy entire document into Microsoft Excel.

Alternate Steps all the same until step 8:
8. Under ‘Send to new document’ Select ‘Microsoft Word’

Actual Result
Only the Headings are sent to Microsoft Word. There are no entries under ‘Library Results’

Expected Result
I expect Logos 4 to copy entire document into Microsoft Word.

System Specs
Laptop | Windows Experience Index: 3.0 | AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-64 dual core (2.20 GHz)| 3GB RAM | 15” LCD | 250 GB. | Windows 7 Professional 64bit – all patches. |Comodo Internet Security Premium – up to date


Software version: 4.2a Beta 3.
Reported by Clifford.
Forum link: http://community.logos.com/forums/t/27774.aspx/
Status: fixed

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