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What are Bookmarks?

  • Bookmarks (Quick Links) mark where you were reading in one of your books.
  • Logos provides up to 9 bookmarks in the Favorites tool panel.
  • These are not the same as Visual Bookmarks (see Visual Bookmarks )


How do I view Bookmarks?

  1. Select Favorites in the Tools menu.
  2. A narrow tool panel will appear on the left side of your Logos window, with Quick Links in the Application folder.

  3. Drag its tab to the other side of the window if you have other tools in a narrow panel.

How do I set a bookmark?

  • You will need to open the book in which you want to bookmark.
  • Next you will need to place your reading position so that it appears at the top of your panel.
  • You can then use the keyboard to set a bookmark by pressing Ctrl+Shift+1 on PC or Cmd+Opt+Shift+1 on Mac
    (replacing 1 with the bookmark number that you want).
  • Or you can drag and drop the tab for your book onto the required bookmark number.
  • To rename it right click the bookmark and click Rename in the pop-up menu.

How do I open a book using a Bookmark?

  • Click on a bookmark to open it into your layout.
    If the book is not open, then Logos will open a copy.
  • Or you can use the keyboard combination Ctrl+4/Cmd+4
    (replace 4 with the appropriate bookmark number).


How do I update or replace a Bookmark?


How do I clear/erase a bookmark?

  • Hover the mouse over the bookmark, click the menu icon next to the bookmark and click Delete.
  • Or right click the bookmark and click Delete in the pop-up menu.

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