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Logos Pro (early access) Subscription Features

Smart Search

  • Just like the search engines you’re familiar with online, Smart Search doesn’t just search for the words in your query – it uses AI to search for articles that discuss the meaning of those words and then shows the most relevant place in that article in the search snippets.

Search Result Summarization

  • With one click, you can turn any brief search snippet into an AI-generated summary of the entire article, allowing you to understand better what each article covers.

Sermon Assistant – Applications Generator (iPad only)

  • Sermon Assistant is an AI-powered tool that helps preachers overcome creative block and makes it easier to create materials to help the congregation better engage with the message. The Applications Generator suggests several short sermon applications as ideas to adapt or customize.


  • Tapping a highlight will select the highlight instead of toggling the toolbars.
  • Improved the sorting of bibles in parallel books.


  • Fixed an issue where some Bibles didn’t have abbreviations in Text Comparison
  • Fixed an issue where the Inline Search button was showing in the selection menu when offline.
  • Pasting content from a Bible will include the verse content (regression from v32).
  • Fixed an issue where the minimized toolbar title in a Bible reading plan didn’t reflect the current reading.
  • Fixed an issue when scrolling in certain screens in the “more” menu would dismiss the menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the playback and audio speed buttons overlapped on certain phones.
  • Fixed an issue where passage list previews were truncated at certain font sizes.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented removing note filters.
  • Fixed an issue where canceling a search while offline sometimes caused a crash.
  • Fixed an issue that might cause a Bible Word Study to fail when the selected text contained leading whitespace.
  • Fixed an issue with crashes in offline search.

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