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Publishers and Faithlife offer many free books, which can be used in Faithlife apps, applications, and web sites.

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From Faithlife

Connect Subscription (including the free trial subscription) includes monthly free resources

From Faithlife Ebooks

  • Faithlife Ebooks has a wide range of resources, like one would find in a Christian bookstore – including fiction, self-help, devotionals, children books etc. Faithlife Ebooks are readable and searchable in Faithlife mobile apps and applications.
  • Publishers often run book promotions on Faithlife Ebooks, so at any given time you’ll find a number of free resources - some are free for a day or two, some longer, so it helps to check often! Promotions can also include substantial sales: can filter to exclude Fiction sorted by Savings

-The general ebook store offers secular & scholarly resources. Any purchases become readable and searchable in Faithlife apps and applications. Most search parameters are not yet supported in general ebooks, but sorting by price lists free books on top of the page.

Faithlife Study Bible

  • Faithlife Study Bible (FSB) is free: a resource package with LEB bible, Study bible (adapts to a number of widespread bible texts), the Lexham Bible Dictionary, Infographics, photos, videos and more, even including a daily devotional. While FSB comes with its own mobile app for Android and iPhone/Pad, these resources integrate seamlessly into Logos and Verbum applications. FSB web site and Lexham Intro Collection

From The Gospel Coalition

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